The word "nostalgia" is the same in Spanish and in English. When one looks up the word in a thesaurus, several possible meanings are offered. The ones which seem most applicable to this work of art would be those describing feelings of "reminiscence," "recollection," "musing" or, perhaps, "wistfulness."

In this stunning composition, the model seems to be consumed in her private world, looking not into the distance or to the horizon, but to a place within herself. We are drawn to her beauty and to the mystery of her thoughts. She is captured in a brief moment of tranquil contemplation. Is she reflecting on the activities of her day? Thinking of her lover? Pondering the secrets of the universe? Or is she merely savoring the dimming afternoon light and the end of the day?

The soft afternoon sun streams in from the upper left and backlights the figure with a dramatic illumination. A peaceful wind is blowing, gently tousling her hair and lifting the trailing diaphanous ribbon behind her head. The lighting perfectly frames and complements the composition and the mood, and the title "Nostalgia" is also magnificent for the feelings it elicits. The overall effect is breathtaking.

Royo balances the figure within the composition with the classic triangular geometric design, drawing one's eye into the center. This is not idle placement. It is well thought-out and considered. When the master begins a new work of art he knows exactly where he is going with regard to the model, the lighting, the dress and the overall effect he wishes to achieve. He has described the act of creating in jazz terminology. He feels that great jazz musicians have complete control over their musical craft. They must be classically trained and disciplined. A tune and basis is laid down first in a musical composition, then the musician /artist can "riff" around the skeleton of the idea to embellish and highlight the underlying melodies. The painter places the figure first, "blocks in" the essential elements, and then can "riff" with his brush......... improvising and experimenting with explosive swirls of color, innovative, and yet practiced, brushstrokes to arrive at it's magical conclusion.

"Nostalgia" is the newest serigraphic release by the master painter of the wondrous light and color of the Mediterrane