S. Sam Park is an internationally exhibited and widely collected painter-poet. A painter of great luminosity and sweetness, Park has been winning awards ever since his early years as a precocious and promising art student in Korea.

Park has traveled and studied extensively in Europe, where French Impressionist painting inspired him to develop the lovingly textured modern landscapes we enjoy today.

Soho Editions Serigraphs-on-Canvas represent the very best in fine art printing technique. Each image is created in a limited edition, using over eighty and sometimes over one hundred hand drawn color plates. Unlike many prints being offered on the market today, no photomechanical color plates or computer scanning processes are used. Soho Editions uses canvas specially formulated and treated for the serigraphic process, and all inks meet archival standards.

Great care is taken to preserve the artist's original vision. Texture plates accentuated the feel of the artist's palette knife and/or brush strokes. Varnish plates create added depth and luminosity. Finally, the artist creates a hand painted prototype, whose brush strokes and colors are dutifully copied by Soho Editions studio artists. Each piece is closely supervised to insure that the result is faithful to the original.

Finally, each print in the edition is numbered, signed by the artist, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.