Vander Veer, Faye

For me, each painting is a journey into the soul - an opportunity for me to explore my own reactions to the color and light I observe in everyday life. Painting becomes a language I use to express my emotional response to what is before me and share my experience of the subject with others. Faye F. Vander Veer I guess I'm just one of those people who was born to paint. My Daddy made my first easel when I was 10, and I've been painting in oils ever since. I began selling my paintings through juried Fine Art Shows when I retired from the Federal Government in 2000. I love participating in art shows and meet the most wonderful, interesting people. Even before the age of ten I was fascinated with drawing and painting people. While I will occasionally paint a portrait style painting of one person, or a landscape, I prefer paintings that capture people in the act of living their day-to-day lives. I see the most ordinary occurrence and think how wonderful that would look as a painting, from the simplest gesture of a young girl putting on her shoe in Paris to a group of seniors standing on a street corner in Italy, the world is a living canvas. I have experienced each of these scenes personally. They are like visual entries from my travel journal. As I am creating a painting, my memory takes me back, and I am transported once again to that moment, that day - and I am there. My painting philosophy is simple - my paintings always find their rightful owner: I never try and sell anyone a painting. I paint subjects that interest me and take them to art shows, or post them on my website. Sooner or later, the rightful owner always shows up. I feel so confident in this, that I offer an unconditional return policy to all my clients and tell them that if for any reason they want to return a painting , I will buy it back from them, no questions asked. I tell them, if they bring it back, it's obviously not their painting, and they have to bring it back so the rightful owner can find it. Part of my soul is in every one of my creations and it's important to me that they each find their soul mate. They always do. I am blessed to be able to do what I love and have people identify with my work. There is no greater compliment to me than to know someone wants to have my painting as a part of their life and to share my art experience.